Science Advisory Board

A fundamental goal of the Great Marsh Institute is to support education and scientific research at the Great Marsh.  The GMI Science Advisory Board (GMI SAB) was formed to advance this goal.

SAB Mission

The mission of the GMI SAB is to facilitate and promote education and advancement of science at the Great Marsh by partnering with educational institutions, governmental organizations, conservation organizations, and individuals interested in using the Great Marsh as a platform for their studies or scientific research.

To promote and facilitate these activities, the SAB serves as a point of contact to interested parties, providing access to GMI’s land and learning resources.  The SAB meets periodically to discuss ongoing projects and research, share information, and discuss ideas for new research and educational opportunities.

Lastly, the GMI SAB will have the capacity to be a repository for data collected at the marsh and to make that data available to visiting students, scientists, and other stakeholders that can benefit from the data collected.

Avian Research

To learn more about the avian wildlife of the Great Marsh, please click here!

Franklin & Marshall students testing the water quality of the Great Marsh.